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Function over Form

The origins of the original phrase - form follows function - is associated with 20th century architecture and design, latterly adopted in software engineering. For us it epitomises our approach to working with businesses large and small; our approach in looking at the business needs of your new website before addressing what we call the 'look and feel'; the design.

Our favoured approach to digital development regardless of user, platform or channel, therefore is to adopt a ‘function over form’ agile methodology. That won’t mean that your site fails to impress when it comes to the look and feel. Whilst we’ll always look to pack a site with multiple layers of functionality for all user groups (depending on brief and budget of course), an understated approach to design and usability will be taken. 

And we take the ‘function over form’ mantra through to every area of the performance and results of all our digital projects, from how we support you to find the right hosting environment to ensuring that your site is truly responsive. A digital experience that fails to perform across the board, is a poor digital experience.

As you'll hear us say time and time again - your new website should fundamentally change your business!