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What we do

We’ll work with you to discover, define and deliver a strategy that has objectively measurable ROI at its very core.

Big Picture Thinking

In marked contrast to the vast majority of consultancies who simply offer commoditised, off-the-shelf solutions, we believe in Big Picture Thinking. We’ll only recommend the appropriate digital solutions or approaches to brand development, ones that are specifically designed to deliver real business transformation. Whether it’s increasing your productivity, reducing your costs or pumping up your revenue streams.

The old way

You could hire a big management consultancy or agency and pay big fees and never see the senior, highly-impressive pitch team after the initial pitch presentation. (Sound familiar?) Or you could manage a team of independent freelancers and consultants yourself, each one offering their own silo of specialist expertise but relying on you to do the strategic, holistic planning and campaign management.


THIRTEEN is a new kind of consultancy. By using only senior consultants, hand-picked for your project, we can keep our overheads low. We don’t need a big, flashy office so we don’t charge you big, flashy fees. All of which means you get big consultancy expertise delivering measurable business impact, for a fraction of the cost you might expect.

  • "your new website must fundamentally change your business"

    We live by this statement
  • "evolve or die - digital transformation is key to brand survival"

    A Thirteen mantra
  • "your business is a brand, so why not make it work for you?"

    Thirteen has the expertise needed