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First for Wellbeing

"This a gamechanger in the way that we deal with patients"

Northamptonshire GP, special interest in mental health.


Newly established wellbeing community interest company needed to build an online presence prior to launching the business in April 2016. With only 3 months to launch and without any digital or social presence, Consultancy Thirteen had to work with a blank canvas and public sector protocols.


John worked with Alison on scoping the complexities of the full offer of services within First for Wellbeing and the partner interests through a series of workshops and one to one consultations. Detailed mapping of user journeys and different platforms in use across the founding CIC partners pointed to a change in hitherto strategic direction for the business.


John created a digital strategy and digital roll-out that supported the CIC in its commercial aspirations and which helped to deliver services in a truly integrated way; a way in which people were increasingly happy to access services - online. The strategy involved the building of a new and bespoke online wellbeing assessment replacing the commitment to work with Capita as the main provider of business process management solution provider. 


A customer-focused website supported by social platforms, fronts the UK’s first online holistic wellbeing assessment tool.

The site engages some of the most health-deprived residents helping to maximise limited resources without compromising on service.

The holistic online wellbeing assessment - complete with its own new brand identity OCTIGO created by Alison - allows users and wellbeing advisers to understand and map their wellbeing needs. All assessments are undertaken using OCTIGO delivering efficiencies and allowing the organisation to scale up seamlessly.

When launched to the public the assessments delivered quadrupled overnight.

  • Development of the UK’s first holistic wellbeing assessment tool
  • 40% of all assessments taken online with 30 days of launch
  • reducution in admin due to 25% of people self assessing and managing  interventions by themselves
  • over 12,000 people supported by the platform with the first year

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