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The ONE Group

"the new site places our people at the forefront of the job search, bringing great value and insight into employment and learning opportunities.

It has quite simply transformed the way our business operates"


The recruitment industry drives the UK job market where strong competition for candidates in a near-full employment economy, makes for a highly competitive business environment. With an eye on moving to a national offer, The ONE Group selected Consultancy Thirteen to develop a new digital presence fit for 21st century recruitment; a site which dramatises its brand proposition of ‘Recruitment as it should be’.


The old site wasn’t reflecting the scale or diversity of the business, nor performing how candidates or employers expect to interact with the organisation online. The client wanted a site where candidates could manage their own CVs and profiles online, in real time, and one which allowed them to share candidates’ details with employers seamlessly, meeting all compliance requirements and swiftly. Integrating with the recruitment CRM used inhouse and ensuring a good candidate user experience was one of our biggest challenges, given the lack system documentation available.

Looking to support future business growth was key, so digitising as many processes as possible, cost effectively in order to facilitate growth and position The ONE Group as a national player, was the high level brief.


Taking a function over form approach, we needed first to gain a deep understanding of The ONE Group business processes and how the new site would need to integrate with the in-house recruitment CRM. Design would follow once we’d captured the key business needs of such a major site.


Consultancy Thirteen held a number of business workshops. These were supported by data analysis to understand the scale of candidate activity, customer activity and scope of roles processed.

User stories were developed once candidates’ needs were understood using candidate insights gained in the workshops. And where we identified system blockages and using predictive work on future proofing the platform, we were able to scope out a front-end website and back end platform which would transform the way The ONE Group manage vacancies for their customers and process and support candidates.

The Solution

Fully integrating with multiple internal systems candidate data is directly fed to Consultants then onto Clients using our bespoke GDPR-compliant approval system. Candidates are taken through compliance online, ready for placement and many Consultant tasks are now automated. Jobs are pulled through in real-time from Job Boards with candidates geolocated automatically. An integrated CV parser system uploads all candidate data into CRM / RDB for the first time.

A clean and contemporary people-focused design followed using The ONE Group styling. The custom-built website was built using bespoke API and data queries.


Converting a number of prospective customers when the site was first launched, has transformed the way THE One Group manages its business.

The site has eradicated 80% of admin time and reduced job processing from 1 hr to less than 10 minutes. Candidate-to-customer time has been reduced from 1 day to 10 minutes and job board integrations are processed automatically in 5 minutes.

The site produced a CV summary automatically with a CV creation feature delivering a bespoke version.

  • 80% of job processing admin eradicated
  • Candidate CV to customer inbox reduced from hours to less than 10 minutes
  • Full RDB integration
  • Automatic CV parsing and brand CV creation

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