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Our approach

Design is of course important but our favoured methodology is to take a "function over form" approach. That won’t mean that your site fails to impress when it comes to the look and feel. Clever design is often the subtle and careful choices made to the overall layout and choices of typography, based on usability, so whilst our approach will be to pack the site with multiple layers of functionality for all user groups, an understated approach to design and strongly usability design will be taken. We will work with our team of experienced usability experts, web designers and developers who have a track record in creating sites that are sticky and strong on usability. And when it comes to brand development or social strategy the same principles apply. The solution delivered has to be fit for purpose and not lead a look and feel.

It may not be where the conversation starts, but once we get under the skin of your business we’ll work with you to enhance productivity, reduce costs or increase revenue or whatever your unique and specific business objectives demand. Seeing the project through from top to bottom and taking a function over form approach to our projects, our team of experienced consultants build tools that deliver but without ever compromising on design or user experience.

Collaborative working

We work flexibility to suit client requirements and this includes working both off site and on site as appropriate or as required.
Our clients find this approach works well as it facilitates the smooth running of the project and allows the client to be iteratively involved in the whole process.  It can save time and aids our Agile approach to web development in particular.

Agile development

We adopt an agile web development process which is best suited for this type of complex, multi-functional site development.  It will also allow us to work more closely with your marketing and digital team and partners.


  • We'll undertake brand audits, digital marketing audits, a marketing review or evaluate your social media strategy in the Discover phase.
  • In the Define phase we'll move to outlining a new strategy or approach to development and beginning the business of transformation.
  • Finally in the Develop phase we'll create that new website or brand or digital marketing campaign. This will ultimately be the output but it's what you don't see that makes it special.